About Fornix Wheels

The TLC you've always dreamt of but never had the time, we have you covered.

From creaky BB’s and pitted bearings to suspension overhauls. Let’s bring some life back into your beloved bicycle through one of our service offerings.
Don’t get trapped into the ‘set and forget’ mentally.

With an eye for detail and skills that will ensure your bike is rolling better than new, Dan can service, tune, rebuild or upgrade your bicycle.
Dan’s life has been a blend of Mountain Biking and Semi Professional Motocross racing. His passion for technical tuning and service skills stemmed from working in both national, International Cycling and Motorcycling stores.
He is Internationally accredited with PMBIA and has over 35 years of riding experience. You know you are in great hands, with Dan!

A bike service will ensure your bike’s in tip top condition, but how about those on-bike skills? Dan can assist with on-trail MTB Skills development for all ages, abilities and disciplines.

Workshop based Repair / Tuning skill Seminars are also facilitated in our workshop each month. Like to know more about Skills or Maintenance based workshops / lessons, head on over to RideAus.com